Frequently Asked Questions

  1. The mortgage is incorrect. Can I change this?
    The mortgage is the place to start but if you have made extra payments or added a HELOC then you are given the ability to edit those details. We do not control what information your County keeps on liens for your property, but we give you control so you can correct it.
  2. I need to update my credit card information for my account, but there is no place under billing to do that. When and where can I do this?
    If you select “Basic Service” and then choose the Upgrade again, it will ask for your credit card to process the updated request.
  3. How do I access the Social Media Link and/or Widget?
    You can access the Social Media Link/Widget by purchasing the "Team + Marketing" upgrade. Once purchased you will have access to both with instructions on how to utilize the tools.
  4. Is it possible to re-invite those clients that did not subscribe?
    If you provided an address, we will try several times. However, after 2 weeks, if you do not get a response we recommend you delete the client and try inviting them again.
  5. Why can I not upload an agent photo or logo?
    Try one thing at a time to narrow down what element is causing the problem. Typically, the issue is either the image is too big or it is not an image at all (i.e. a PDF file). If you still have problems send a copy of the file you are trying to upload and we will investigate the issue.
  6. Does the system recognize duplicate leads? I am wanting to import more clients but I do not want to spam those who I have already invited.
    Yes, ePropertyWatch recognizes duplicate leads by the client’s email address.
  7. My home is worth more than “X” amount stated in ePropertyWatch.
    Your property very well could sell for more than the estimated value. The estimated value is for an average home in your area with similar features. A real estate professional will be able to give a more accurate estimate after touring the property. Meanwhile, the computer’s estimate shows you trends in home prices and a rough ballpark of home value and is especially helpful over time and is not meant to be an appraisal.

    Click here to learn more about Automated Valuation Models:

    Understanding AVMs for Real Estate Agents:

    Understanding AVMs for Homeowners:
  8. What is the difference between the Basic version and the Upgrade?
    Basic (Agent Basic Service):
    • The ability to import up to 2,500 clients

    Upgrade (Team + Mktg Tools):
    • The ability to import up to 5,000 clients
    • Social Media Link – you can add this to your social media page/posts and email signature which will have your branded information.
    • Widget – You will have access to an html code and will have the ability to put it in your website or blog.
  9. My clients are all getting their invites sent to spam. Is this typical?
    This can happen as with any other email. We suggest that you make sure the client has added to their Address Book and that should keep the messages from ePropertyWatch from going to their Spam/Junk file.
  10. I am having issues finding an address in ePropertyWatch. What is causing this issue?
    There can be several factors as to why an address is not populating. If the property is new construction then it can take 6 months for an address to populate. If the property is a commercial building then the system cannot support the property (only residential). If you are experiencing additional issues then please email the support team and we will investigate.
  11. What is the difference between the "Open Rate" and "Click Rate"?
    The "Open Rate" refers to how many reports were viewed by the client. Clients with abandoned mailboxes or emails that are directed to a spam folder would reduce the open rate. An open rate of 50% means that half of the emails sent were viewed by a client.

    The "Click Rate" refers to client engagement with the email report. If a client clicks on any of the buttons in the email and is directed to the ePropertyWatch website for additional information, that is a click. A click rate of 25% indicates that 1 out of 4 emails resulted in a client clicking a button and visiting the ePropertyWatch website. High click rates indicate clients very interested in the report information.

For additional questions please email the support team at